A Fresh Coat of Paint for LCHS


In the past two years, there have been many new and improved additions to our school. Our school has added new bathrooms, new gym locker rooms, and even new walls! LCHS is ditching the plain white walls and covering them up with several different student’s artwork. Shannon Willis (11) and Eli Park (11) plan on painting a big mural in the school that represents LCHS.

“The school walls were getting repainted, and I thought that maybe the panther needed to be touched up. I plan on painting a really cool abstract panther with our school colors,” Park said.

Time, patience, and neatness all go into creating an intellectual piece. Even though creating artwork comes naturally to Park and Willis, they are going to have some challenges along the way. Park is excited to see the final product, even with the obstacles of creating a mural. 

“The most difficult part is the layering of different colors and time management after school. My favorite part is seeing it all come together,” Park said. 

After this mural is finished, Park still has many more projects to work on. Park plans on painting many other murals around the school before he graduates next year.

“Some teachers have asked me to paint murals in their classrooms, so that would be my next step. I also have a plan to create a bigger one in the cafeteria,” Park said. 

Lenoir City High School is evolving with the help of their many students like Eli Park. Park is painting one wall at a time to freshen up the halls and classrooms at LCHS.