Recovery from a natural disaster

Recovery from a natural disaster

Hurricane Ian was a natural disaster that hit Florida this past month. Hurricane Ian was labeled a category four hurricane and it  traveled in the Atlantic Ocean leaving impactful damages to Florida. Florida Governor, Ron Desantis issued a statement on the hurricane’s damage on Florida. 

“It washed away roads, It washed away structures that were not new and couldn’t withstand that,”  Desantis said to CNN.

Hurricane Ian left a lot of trash, flooding, and debris in the Florida area. Many citizens of Florida  gathered up to help clean up the community. Members of the church of Latter-day Saints are one of the groups that have helped clean up hurricane Ian’s damage. Quinn Millington in a press release shared her thoughts on the church being heavily involved with the clean up process. 

“It is absolutely phenomenal the work that has happened here in the last 24 hours. Any time we have a disaster, the Church has developed the ability to organize very quickly [and assist],”  said Millington.

Due to the flooding of Hurricane Ian, A lot of families were left homeless and stranded from their homes. Hundreds of Floridians are living in shelters awaiting whether or not they can go back to their homes. Ruth Rodriguez shared how hurricane Ian has changed her life to the New York Times.

“The houses were nice, the price was right, and then all this happened. There’s just nowhere to go,” Rodriguez said to the New York Times.

Hurricane Ian has significantly affected Florida and its people. Florida and its citizens  will hopefully recover from this natural tragedy.