Snoop Dogg is Getting Animated


Renee Ritchie, Staff Writer

Rapper, actor, and… children’s cartoon creator? Snoop Dogg, most well known for his career as a rapper, has added “educational cartoon co-creator” to his list of titles. Doggyland is an animated series on YouTube centered around five dogs with unique characteristics. Snoop partnered with Claude Brooks and October London to produce an engaging show for children to watch. 

Doggyland would be a 3d animated cartoon series designed for kids — I say preschoolers, toddlers, and eventually kids of all ages. It’s so influential, it’s so educational, and it’s so fundamentally smart the way we put it together with song, dance, and education,” Snoop said.

Ranging from spins on popular nursery rhymes to teaching affirmations, Doggyland aims to educate and inspire children. One of Snoop’s biggest goals for the series is to teach kids to be accepting of others despite their differences.

“You can just be you and be accepted in Doggyland, and that’s what these characters represent, diversity, so kids can learn to love each other from the beginning because hate is what’s taught, love is what’s in their heart,” Snoop said.

Another one of Snoop’s visions for the show is to create a fun learning environment for the kids. His character, Bow Wizzle, has a big part to play in this — instead of simply talking through the topics covered, the dog raps.

“Bow Wizzle is the character that I voice. He’s the big brother, mentor, looks after all of the young pups, great director, great singer, but most importantly he’s a phenomenal rapper, and you know the kids love rapping. So he takes the lead and starts it off, they love to follow the lead, and he makes it fun, he makes it cool, and he makes it easy to learn, so Bow Wizzle is a great version of Snoop Dogg, a greater version,” Snoop said.

Snoop believes that the creation of this series is a big accomplishment, and that it will help children in many ways with its important messages.