New Teacher Takes on LC


This year, students may have noticed that the school is undergoing many different changes. From the construction in the parking lot to now having to pay for your lunch, this school is changing left and right! Among all the changes, the school has gained up to 12+ new teachers and staff members– one of them being Mr. Baldwin. 

Baldwin’s first experience at LCHS was when he stepped in for Mr. Taft about eight years ago. Since then, he has been trying to come back as a permanent employee because of the environment and people. 

“I was fortunate enough to work here during one of Mr. Taft’s deployments about 8 years ago, and I’ve been working to get back here since then. This is a great school in a great system, and I’ve got friends here. Why wouldn’t I want to work here,” Baldwin said. 

Although coming to a new school can be quite a scary experience, Baldwin says having the strong support system that he has here has made it a lot easier. 

“The transition process has been difficult in a lot of ways, but the students and faculty–really everyone– here has made the change much smoother and easier,” Baldwin said. 

Coming into a new environment can also bring many learning curves. For Mr. Baldwin, one of those learning curves was technology. 

“Technology has been a challenge for me as I adjust to LCHS, as I didn’t necessarily have a lot of experience or access to it prior to this year. I’m catching up quickly,” Baldwin said.

Although he has had to overcome these challenges, Baldwin has really enjoyed how he is able to be involved within the school community. 

“The opportunity to get involved with a variety of things here is something I find really enjoyable. There are lots of activities for people, students and adults, to get involved with and do, and I think that’s pretty fun,” Baldwin said.  

Based on what his first month has looked like, Baldwin cannot wait to see what future years here are going to look like.  

“I have very much enjoyed my time so far, and I look forward to many years here at LCHS. If it’s this much fun and enjoyable in my first month, I can’t imagine how much fun my first decade will be,” Baldwin said.

Mr. Baldwin is thrilled that he is now a teacher at this school. He is excited to continue teaching and learning everyday!