The Five Letter Phenomenon

Anna Layer, Yearbook Editor

The clock hits 12am, and restarts the new challenge of the day. The simple word game that has swept across the country publishes a new five letter word people would try to guess. Wordle is a classic word puzzle game that has been popularized within the past few months.


“I really love wordle because it makes me work my brain,” sophomore SaraJane Weber said.


The game centers around entering a combination of words or letters, canceling out characters to find the one word that fits. Although it may seem easy at first, some days it can be surprisingly difficult.


“It can be difficult sometimes when there are words I don’t usually use,” Weber stated.


The game first launched October 2021 designed by Josh Wardle. reported that after a month after its launch, the game had around ninety players. Currently the game is played by millions of users. Whether out of competitiveness or just to share, thousands of users share their score and how fast they found the answer with friends or on social media.


“I like to share my scores as I see it as a kind of competition with my friends,” Weber added.


Whether you haven’t today already, try out the wordle game on the New York Times website, it might be more fun than you may think.