Mulan 2020 Controversy

When the live-action Disney’s remake of the beloved classic Mulan hit the stage, it was faced with some controversy. As the remake ended some of the viewers noticed some thank yous to many Chinese government agencies. These are the same governments that are operating “reeducation camp”(concentration camps) for the Uyghur Muslims.

“Disney has made no effort to supplement the needs of the innocent Uyghurs fighting for their lives right now they were filming amid a cultural genocide.”-connect 2 change 

The main character who plays Mulan, Liu Yifei, has shown support for the Hong Kong police. Although this doesn’t seem like a big problem, many people who have been peacefully protesting about problems in their government have faced brutal beatings, arrested, and killed by the HKP( Hong Kong Police). And if that is not bad enough a 12-year-old little girl was tackled and pinned down by the HKP. (Yifei supports this)

“ I support the Hong Kong Police. You can all attack me now.”- Yifei