Black Panther: Chadwick Forever


Black Panther: Wakanda Forever came out on November 11, 2022, almost 4 years after its critically-acclaimed prequel. And, it looks to critics that the sequel did not disappoint. The movie got an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 88% audience approval rating. But, the biggest thing about this movie is the impression it had on its viewers. For example, Serena Nguyen (12) watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and was moved by the movie’s message.

“I think it was an amazing movie. It perfectly celebrated Chadwick’s life, and also, it did a great job showcasing women’s empowerment,” Nguyen said.

The main character, Chadwick Boseman, died two years ago from cancer. And, instead of replacing the character, they decided to have T’Challa, aka the “Black Panther,” actually die in the movie. 

Director of the film, Ryan Coogler, described his vision in an interview titled “Ryan Coogler talks Black Panther Sequel ‘Wakanda Forever,'” by New Orleans Public Radio.

We were trying to tell a story from the perspective of the main characters, and we thought that by doing that, if we had the ability to connect with audiences, maybe audiences would open up to their feelings, you know, towards the character or towards the performer but also, you know, more than anything, towards their own experiences with grief personally,” Coogler said.

As you watch the movie, the funeral scene set up for T’Challa allows the actors and the audience to feel the pain of losing such a cherished actor. 

But, while the movie does have this sad undertone, the movie does showcase some very important messages such as women empowerment with Shuri becoming the new Black Panther. In addition, it also introduces the Talokan, the underwater tribe, in order to convey the message of being so similar yet so different.

Senior Rebecca Herrera thought positively about the sequel.

“I thought Shuri was so great as the new Black Panther. But what I really liked was the addition of the water tribe. I feel like it showed how even though we are very different; we are also very similar to each other,” Herrera said.

The Talokan tribe was very similar to Wakanda as it also had the infamous metal, vibranium. The tribe, however, wanted to use its powerful resources to take over all of the Earth. Wakanda, of course, tried to put an end to their attempt, so they fought against the tribe. But, the tribes called off the fight once Shuri, the new Black Panther, thought of her brother and what he would do. She then decided to not kill the leader of the Talokan since like her own tribe, all his tribe wanted was to live in peace and out of harm. 

The movie ends shortly after the fight. The last scene is Shuri meeting T’Challa’s son, named T’Challa. This scene really ties the messages altogether. Shuri stays as the Black Panther, T’Challa’s son is being raised in a different yet similar country, Haiti, and T’Challa Jr’s name is the same as his father’s to pay tribute to him. Even though it seems so sad and different without Chadwick Boseman playing the Black Panther, the brand new era keeps his spirit in mind as it develops new storylines and characters.