New teacher feature: Mr. Cross

Samantha Murray, Staff Writer

Lenoir City High School has about nine new teachers added to their staff since last year. Some have been teaching for a few years now and others only started teaching this year. Mr.Cross is one of the newbies.


Mr.Cross is the new chorus teacher. This is only his first year teaching and he is super excited about it. He decided to come to lenoir city because three years ago he was a student teacher here and loved the students, the faculty, and the administration  and when he heard about this job being  available he quickly packed his bags and moved down here.


“I have worked very hard to become a teacher and not the student,” said Mr. Cross.


On the first day of class, Mr.Cross was nervous but he was also anxious to get students in his classroom and getting started. Afterwards, it was a great day. The students made it really easy on him.


Even though this is his first year teaching, he has had opportunities to stand in front of a group of choir students and teach them. However, this is still all new to him


“I go home and tell my wife that I’m having a lot of fun even though it is hard work,” he said.


This year the choir will have opportunities to get out of the classroom and perform for a variety of  people.


With 31 students in Men’s Choir, 81 in Women’s Choir, 41in Concert Choir, and 33 in Singers, he has his hands full.


Each class is working on a few pieces: 3 in Concert Choir,4 in Singers, 2 in Women’s, and 2 in Men’s. That’s about 11 pieces all together, and he is still gathering music for them.


“A cool thing about choir is  it’s more than just a group of singers. It’s like a community. We are going to go to some festivals, a couple university’s, and we have been invited to go to some church events.”  he said


All of the teachers, new or old, are greatly appreciated here at LCHS. We are excited to get to know each and everyone of them. It’s exciting having new faces and new techniques this year.

Mr. Cross is just one of the new faces here, and there are so many more.