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Goodbye LCHS
April 26, 2017

Casey White

Classrooms throughout LCHS prepare for EOC testing.

As everyone knows the End of Course Test can be a very stressful event for most students, but have no fear, there are a few helpful tips so that you can survive the week of testing and the many more to come.  These tips have been gathered from some of LCHS best test takers.


Tip 1. I study for 15 minutes a day leading up to the test(Macy Capooth, 10th).

Tip 2. Try to go to the bathroom before I go in to take the test(Capooth).

Tip 3.Get to the testing room early that way you can get everything ready for the test(Capooth).

Tip 4. Stay positive(Capooth).

Tip 5. Underline important details in passages(Capooth).

Tip 6. Think like the test makers. Think about how they phrase the questions and what answer best fits(Alina Cirstea,10th).

Tip 7. Don’t psych yourself out. Dont make it out harder than it is(Katie King, 10th).

Tip 8.  Review the material that is hardest for you to remember( Maddie Brookshire, 10th).

Tip 9. Eliminate Choices(Eric Hall, 10th).

Tip 10. Treat every question as a new start and don’t stress about questions you don’t know(Jessie Wall, 10th).

As the year ends and classes are wrapping up, do not panic you are fully prepared to take these test. Just keep these tips in mind and remember it is only 19 days(and counting) until summer break.


Here are the test dates starting on Monday May, 4th.


Test Dates

Mon- English 11, Algebra 1

Tues- English 9, Algebra 2

Wed- English 10

Thur- Chemistry 1, Biology 1


One more helpful tip:

May the Fourth be with you.