Goodbye LCHS


Every senior must say goodbye. If you are looking for a heartfelt deeply emotional, letter this is not it. My time in high school was stressful, happy, and always interesting, but nothing deserving of teary speeches.

For seniors like myself this is that time, but it would be wrong of me if I did not say thank you and goodbye. To my fellow honors and AP students: thank you. Without you I would have never been challenged enough to excel in those classes. To the library: thank you for a quiet place to study and a not-so-quiet place to hang out with my friends. To my teachers: thank you for always pushing me to be better. Now for goodbyes. Goodbye Room 217 where I have spent more time than all of my other courses combined. Goodbye parking spot 32. Goodbye classrooms which were constantly changing temperature. Goodbye dress code and hiding my shoulders.  But most of all goodbye LCHS, and the most interesting people I have met yet, I look will never be able to forget everything we have done together.