A Final Word

A Final Word

     As my time at Lenoir City high school comes to an end, all I can think about is the memories that fill these halls. I think about who I came here as; a scared weird girl who knew nobody and was uncomfortable at every turn. I think about how scared I was originally to make the decision to move schools. Now I think it is one of, if not the most crucial and life changing decisions I have ever made. I look at who I am now thanks to this school and the people who fill the classrooms and football stands. I like who I turned out to be with the push and helpful hand from the faculty here. I like the friends I have made and the clubs I am included in. I am more than happy with my chosen life here, and where I get to go after because I made it. 

     T-minus 6 days left, and sure I am really scared. As much as I am scared I am more excited than anything. I know that after high school I have the opportunity to do great things, and the growth I’ve experienced here will be my guide. My mother always says that “Scared and excited are the same feeling, you just have to choose which one you want it to be,” and I like that. Choosing to be excited rather than scared or rather just the fact that choosing any emotion or option is our biggest strength; free will. I wanna thank the teachers who saw who I was and pushed me to be better; including but not limited to Dr.Taft, Mr.Browning, Mr.Hudson, Mrs.Wallace, Coach Yoakum, and Mr.Emmert. Teachers and Faculty like this are what make the memories so much better and students’ lives so much brighter. 

     The brightest memories of hot and loud football games, basketball, baseball concessions, volleyball games, and soccer stick out the most. Every goal scored, every sore loss, and every victorious win I wish I could hold onto a little longer. When people say high school is the 4 fastest years of your life they aren’t kidding, hold onto it while you can because I wish I had just a little more time. Nevertheless, with no time left and big dreams to begin, lenoir city high school I say au revoir, good bye, adios and all of the others. 

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