Senior advice

Seniors offer advice to underclassman as they prepare to graduate

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Senior Goodbye
April 25, 2017

The year is coming to an end, and for seniors,  their high school careers are coming to an end.


They have spent all year waiting to get out of this school, go into the real world, and get their life started.


Seniors are getting advice from family and people that have already started their “real world” life.


While the rest of the students are still in high school, they might need some advice for the rest of their survival. So, here is some advice from the seniors to their fellow underclassmen.



“Stay humble, and make everyday count.” Amber Gibson (12)



“Underclassmen, be confident. Have opinions, speak your mind. Have pride in your work, but be humble enough to ask for help. And ask questions. Seriously ask questions!” Alex Clark (12)


“Enjoy every moment because it’s gone before you even know it.” Gavin Ramsey (12)


“Do what makes you happy.” Wesley Good (12)


“ Don’t get on the bad side of a teacher.” Angel Stalnaker (12)


“Join clubs and be active. Get involved!” Hunter Hale (12)


“Be open minded about opportunities and people, and try new things.” Tucker McGinnis (12)


“Take the time to do what you want, and try new things. The time will fly by, and before you know you will be staring down graduation.” Matt Scott (12)


“ Do whatever makes you happy. Live your life and enjoy your years, and don’t care what anybody says about you.” Lane Vineyard (12)


“Be your full potential.” Mason Reed (12)


“Don’t do anything stupid and keep working hard.” Jacob Loper (12)


“Be prepared for anything.” Brianna Thomas (12)
Underclassmen and even upcoming seniors should take this advice and run with it. It won’t be long until they are giving it to all of the students under them…