Senior Goodbye

Senior Goodbye

Being a senior means that it can be hard to say goodbye. There are so many people, clubs, and places to say goodbye to. However, some are easier than others. Things I can say goodbye to with no problem: the schools itself; thanks for making sure I have a place to learn and discover what I like to do. I would also like to say bye to every single room in this school; you were my place to learn and to have fun sometimes (Room 217 is different. I’ll get to that in a bit). The last easy goodbye is to the school lunch. You gave me some good holiday food when, for some reason, I did not expect it. Goodbye and thank you all.

Now there are somethings that will make me cry when I say goodbye. Let me start to all of my friends that I have made. If we still talk or you hate me thank you for being there for me at some point in my life. If any of us never talk again just know I will probably miss you, and I don’t want to say goodbye but right now I will. Next, I want to say goodbye to all the teachers I’ve had, except for Wally, all of you guys showed different ways of being the best student I can be. You were hard on me because you all cared and I want to thank all of you. It means so much to me. I hope you all continue to change students for the better like me.

From the bottom of my heart I have always been a yerd. From my first real yearbook freshman year I knew that room 217 was my home and forever will be. This is one of the hardest things to say goodbye to. So many great memories have been made in this room. From crazy dance parties to the completely random conversations, these will be with me for the rest of my life. In this room, I also made some of my best friends. Whether that be the people I met this year, or people I hated from middle school. They have helped  make me be the person I am today. They all care about me and I will never fully say goodbye to them. I’ll just say I will talk to you later. I will never forget you guys and our Ghostbusters sing along. So, I don’t have to say goodbye to the memories and the people, but sadly I have to say goodbye to this room. I will miss you greatly my cave, my hole, my home.

I have one final goodbye. I would like to say goodbye to my journalism teacher. Ms. Wallace, you are like another mother to me. You push me to my highest point of stress and made me realise that I can handle it. You are a person that has always been completely honest to me and I am so thankful for that. You have a kind soul that cares so much… oops was I not supposed to say that?… You are one of the last people I want to say goodbye to, but I understand that life happens and I have to leave you and make room for other potential yearbook editors for you to shape. I will keep in contact with you as much as I can. Thank you for being an amazing human and giving me so many great opportunities and skills for my life. I love you Wally. Thank you and I’ll talk to you later. It’s never goodbye you’ll always be stuck with this “fat guy in a little coat,” and I don’t care if your butt says no.

I think this is the hardest thing in this class I have ever had to write. About half way through this, I wanted to cry. It is always hard to say goodbye or even talk to you later. Life goes on and I will meet new people and find another school home, but for now see you LCHS it’s been real!