Student Loans: Are They Worth It?


Keira Everett, Staff Writer

Student loans are something all seniors must consider receiving as they make their way to college, and with college expenses increasing by the year, 30-40% of students apply and receive federal student loans. As soon as October 1st, seniors can begin to apply for student loans. Though ever since the pandemic hit, many students have been unable to pay their student loans. This was noticed by President Joe Biden, so he and Kamala Harris have extended the repayment one last time through this December–causing many students to panic.

And much like these students, Cas Williams (12) seems to show apprehension.

“I don’t really understand how student loans work, so I’m super nervous,” Williams said. 

Williams also shares his thoughts about student loans over the course of time.

“I think it might [be helpful] in the short term. I could get the money and then immediately pay for college,” Williams said.

Student loans are widely used by many rising college students, and almost a third of adults have student loan debt. Student loans, although they might seem appealing, are known to cause some heavy financial stress later on. Due to this, Williams seems to express doubt due to how it may affect him in the future.

“In the long term? No, because I’m going to be in debt for quite a while, and not be able to pay it back,” Williams said. 

So far, Williams plans to achieve greatness after his senior year, and he chooses to do this without the help of student loans.