The Adventure is Over!

The Adventure is Over!

In just a blink of an eye, students Nayeli Jimenez and Tessa McConkey realize their high school rollercoaster is coming to an end. High school comes with many ups and downs, but by your senior year you’ll appreciate every moment. Even though leaving school sounds exciting, school has become a big part of their lives which brought them friends and many memorable memories.

Nayeli had struggles throughout her senior year at Lenoir City High School, but she appreciates her teachers for always being helpful and understanding. Jimenez is also thankful she could spend her senior year with her closest friends.

“It was a struggle to finish the classes I needed to graduate, but my friends and teachers were always very supportive” Jimenez said.

Tessa is very thankful for her teachers who have helped her throughout her journey and them always expecting the best out of her, even though it was a struggle McConkey knows it was the best for her.

“My teachers always pushed me from my limits to make me a better student” McConkey said.

Even though their high school rollercoaster has come to end, Lenoir City High School will always be wishing them the best of luck as they achieve their goals and will always remember these two amazing and smart young ladies.