What is on your Spring Playlist?


 With spring approaching new music, new playlist, and new albums are released. This time of the year people are preparing for summer, and the hot beach days, in the spring we receive rainy days, sunny days, and humid days, a little bit of everything. While going through all the changes and trying to prepare another summer people turn to music to help them out. This spring I am listening to a lot of very chill but upbeat songs. I think my playlist is going to definitely have Harry Styles new single ´As it Was´ and with his new album coming out there will be a lot of songs from that album. I think this spring people will be listening to alot of Khalid and soft rock or R&B.

I enjoy listening to SZA and H.E.R with the windows down on sunny days. I think they have become very popular this year so I can see many people having them on their playlist this spring. Spring brings good vibes; so that means artists with good, chill vibes. The band Tame Impala also have great songs to enjoy a nice spring day too. Even after almost a year of being out, the album ´Four´ by Olivia Rodrigo will certainly make their way to peoples’ playlist this season. The album represents heartbreak, and just in general being young. I feel her songs are easy to listen to and always fits the vibes. As spring is here people are looking forward to new beginnings and fresh start, music can help us have more adventures.

So, what is on your spring playlist?