Sunshine On My Mind

It’s almost that time! Time for cannonballs in the pool, picnics by the lake, and late Summer nights. As the air warms up, we start to hear all the birds and all of our favorite creatures come out to see the sun. 

There are so many fun things to do in Summer. Whether that be laying out by the pool, going on the lake with your friends, going to the beach with your family, going on hikes, etc. 

Evan Tinker’s favorite time of year is Summer. Summer is where he gets to have fun and hangout with all of his friends. 

“My favorite thing about Summer is riding jet skis with my friends,” Tinker said. 

Gage Simon always makes his best memories in Summer he says. To him, [Summer] is a time where he feels “care free”.

“During Summer, I love to spend time and make memories with my friends,” Simon said. 

The lake is a common place for fun during the Summer, here in Tennessee. Kids go tubing, go on jet ski rides, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. For these kids, the lake is one of the best places to be under the hot sun!

For Gabby Rodriguez, Summer is her “happy place”. Sitting under the hot sun drinking Capri-Suns by the lake is where she would be everyday if she could.

“Summer is my favorite season. I love lake days and having fun with my friends,” Rodriguez said.

As Summer comes around, try something new that you’ve never done before! Summer may end up being your favorite time of the year just like Evan, Gage, and Gabby!