Pay The Price

Do you want to know where to get a variety of cold drinks and snacks? Well go to The Hole in the Wall store in Mr. Thompson’s class, (located in room 303) in the CTE building. While you are there, you could get a pack of three cookies for $2.00, a cold coke for $1.50, and a candy bar for $1.25. You’ve only spent $4.75, now you don’t have to leave school to go get the same stuff for $10.00 at the gas station. With $6.25 left, that leaves you with enough to get more products the next day!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s talk about in-classroom deliveries. Now, I’m not saying that will happen, but there is talk of this happening. Teachers, if you’re interested in something like this, e-mail Mr. Thompson at [email protected] .

In bigger news, though, The Hole in the Wall store has a website! Mr. Thompson’s first block class has been working on this website since the beginning of the year; it looks pretty good, but the year isn’t over yet! As Mr. Thompson says, ”When I go to a restaurant, I’ll never rate them a 5/5 because there is always room for improvement.” In the case of the school store this statement applies; the year isn’t over so it’s going to get a “hole” lot better.

Between class come and see us at The Hole In The Wall store. You’ll love it so much you’ll be waiting for that bell to ring again at the end of class. Come by and see us; it’s our pleasure to serve you.