LCHS Band at Concert Festival


On Thursday, March 10, 2016, the Lenoir City High School concert band took a trip to Farragut High School to be scored on their prepared musical pieces as well as their ability to sightread (to see and play a piece for the first time).


The tensions were high amongst the members of the band, everyone anxious and excited to finally get to show what they were made of and why they do what they do.


The band warmed up and entered the stage, only to have to wait an extra ten minutes for a judge to return from his dinner break.


When he finally arrived, they performed the two pieces they had been rehearsing for the past month and a half: “Afterlife” by Rossano Galante, and “Undecim” by Randall D. Standridge.


The band then moved on to the sight reading room, where they read a random piece of music for the first time.


After their performance, they loaded the bus to await scores. Eventually Mr. Adam Huff, the band director, boarded the bus and announced that the band had received straight ones (the highest score possible and the equivalent of “superior” ratings), therefore maintaining their tradition of excellence.


As they travelled home, everyone beamed with pride. There’s no feeling quite like the one these students had at performing so well.