Outer Banks season 3 review


The time has come! The popular Netflix original series Outer Banks has officially released its third season. After the show made its debut in April of 2020, it gained popularity quickly, and Netflix gained many viewers for this particular show which led to the writer creating more and more seasons. Eventually, season 2 finally came out in July of 2021. 

The show originates in Outer Banks, North Carolina sharing the stories of 5 young teens battling to find gold. Outer Banks are separated in the community and social status giving people to either be a “pogue” which is known for the more poverty side of the town, while “kooks” are known as the rich and classy part of the community. This social status brings tension to gold hunting expeditions to five teens. Each season leaves the watchers with cliffhangers and people begging for another season to see what will happen next in the journey of finding the gold. This show is popular amongst a younger audience and has made a pop culture impact on the youth as well. Many people over social media have taken inspiration from outfits, hair, etc. With the gaining popularity over the past couple years, the writers officially announced last year that there would be a third season to show. With many viewers eager to know what happens next, the series premiered on February 23, 2023. 

Lenoir City High School student Lillie Lovelace (11) shares her thoughts on the new season. 

“I really liked the new season, it was pretty good,” Lovelace said.

The junior enjoyed watching the new season, but would have also loved to see more potential in other characters or a different runout in the script.

“I definitely would have loved to see more of Kiara and Rafe,” Lovelace said. 

With the past seasons being released either near summer or during the summer many saw the new season coming out in February running the summer feel for the show, but Lovelace felt the opposite. 

“I think it definitely puts me in the mood for summer,” Lovelace said.

The highschooler also believes that adding in new characters did alot for the outline of the show, 

“I think it helped with adding plots into the story as well as making it a bit more interesting and keeping viewers on their toes,” Lovelace said. 

The Outer Banks series brings a lot of viewers and watchers together over the media and gives people the summer feel everytime a new season is released. The show keeps expanding their popularity each, leading up to more seasons to come. Outer Banks continues to keep more interesting stories coming to Netflix to keep adding to the adventurous series! Season three was a huge hit not only on Netflix but worldwide. Tune into Netflix to find your next binge watch.