Ugly Catastrophe

For most students, Netflix is a huge part of our daily lives, we use it as a way to distract ourselves from schoolwork and other events in our lives but recently Netflix made a grave error in releasing the movie Cuties.

The movie in question is written as a french coming of age story for eleven-year-old Amy, as she rebels against her conservative family to join a dance group. As innocent as the description may seem many are finding issues with the cinematography, plot, and the sexualization of the young girls.

The dance group Amy joins is explicit in their dancing, and the camera seems to follow the young girls’ movements with a creepy perspective. Some critics are claiming this movie is supposed to feel disturbing and make the audience feel uncomfortable in order to shed light on the dark situation involving children and the media. As of currently, Netflix has yet to release an official statement, and Cuties it still on the platform. At the end of the day, this film has certainly made headlines for being controversial.