It Gets Even Stranger


When success hits a show during the first season, it always isn’t guaranteed that the writers can create the same amount of success, or even more, with a sequel. With expectations blowing through the roof for Stranger Things: Season 2, it had everything working against it. Some people believed it should have stopped at the ominous ending of season one, but that was quickly disproved by the content. Matt and Ross Duffer ignored the negative comments and worked to make the people say that it was a thrilling success.

It’s rare to find a fascinating series where traumatic events are remembered through the sequel when it would be easy to forget about it altogether. The writers incredibly portray the depth with small content, including dialogue of the bullies calling Will, “zombie boy.” Some others characters gain some depth with Dustin’s unexpected bonds and Mike’s struggle with the disappearance of Eleven.

With a new school year starting, the brothers introduced new character, such as Max, who gave the boys a different type of experience than Eleven. Also, the reintroduction of Eleven was a major breakthrough across the barriers of Hawkins. Her own side story perfectly gives future seasons to journey into new locations.

What about the the main antagonist shown throughout the various trailers? In the last season, the Demogorgon looks like a cute puppy compared to the The Upsides Down’s shadow demon. The demon draws out the suspense and incapacitate Will and even the audience. Because of the shadow demon, the characters in the series are more fully fleshed out and developed. You can see by the character development that Nancy is a prime example. The brothers beautifully round her out to be involved in the Upside Down world.

Overall, it kept the same characters and setting in which the writers developed upon. However, the brothers introduced new characters and expanded the Stranger Things universe that could lead into multiple seasons. If you haven’t found out by now, Stranger Things: Season 2 was a major hit and exceeded expectations.