Making Of “1899”


The human mind has been known to be a complicated construct. We don’t fully comprehend the capabilities of the brain leaving us in a world of complete wonder. This idea of what’s real and what’s a simulation borders a certain part of our mind, which can be a tremendous concept to contemplate about.

Luckily, the recent hit TV show 1899 heavily focuses on this idea of reality. Through compelling drama, stunning sets, to diverse actors and actresses, they were able to deliver stunning messages to the story. Showrunner and director, Baran bo Odar, played an amazing part in making the show come alive. 

Production began during a difficult time because of travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This setback prevented Odar from traveling to places for filming and meeting the cast in person. This prompted the crew to become more innovative in producing.

They came across the “volume,” which was an enormous greenscreen that projected realistic scenery. Using this type of volume technology was an entirely new experience for the crew. They did various test shots until they were able to successfully utilize the “volume.”

It gave the effect of realism to multiple people who witness the set. This especially applied to the acting crew. They were completely mesmerized as if they were right in the scene of location, which helped them act with much more ease.

Alexis Huichapa loves the visuals throughout the show.

“Watching the series was really entertaining. I thought all the scenes look incredibly stunning!” Huichapa said.

The international cast was another impressive factor of the show. They were able to cast from England, Germany, Norway, Iceland, France, Hong Kong, Spain, Poland, Portugal, and Denmark. The complicated construct of language dealt with in the show portrayed a unique perspective of communication. 

Instead of using words to communicate, body language was shown more, which made it special because you’re seeing through the language barrier. Using this method created connections between the characters causing an alliance for their survival, which Fernando Huichapa is intrigued by.

“The different languages and cultures brought to light the reality of the past, which was really interesting to me,” Huichapa said.

The concept of simulation also had a huge impact on the show. The story heavily focuses on each character’s stories while they try to run from their past life. They board a ship traveling from Europe to the United States. Through this journey, they begin to see fragments of the past as if they’re reliving the moment. This is when they begin to question their sanity and reality.

The more they try to dig into the mystery of the ship they discover that they’re not actually in the ocean. They would discover various hidden doors among ships that would transport them to another place. These places revealed to the characters that they were not fully conscious and needed to escape the simulation they were in. 

This is when the show takes a turn and revealed what was a ship was actually a spaceship. This shocking discovery is what made 1899 a really astounding show to watch. Transitioning from a periodic drama, to thriller, to a sifi mystery was a really incredible feat. The different languages were also intriguing to witness between the characters.

Overall, the tremendous prep work and progress that went into the show has made it one of the most-watched series on Netflix. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a new thriller and mystery to binge.