Dummies For Nursing


As the first semester began to come to a close, Ms. Mccomb’s medical assistant class wraps up their patient care unit. The class learned how to handle patient care while in or outside the hospital setting. Students even had the chance to become CPR-certified.

Kayden Ezell (12) was excited to be able to have this opportunity.

“Becoming certified was very interactive and fun since we got to have realistic dummies to perform CPR on,” Ezell said.

While learning patient care, students were able to study coding and emergency situations. The class experienced mock scenarios that required students to evacuate different types of patients. The students were then graded on their ability to take charge of the situation and their time.

Alyson Monger (12), despite being under pressure during the activities, had a wonderful time. 

“The emergency scenarios were so exhilarating as we had to get out the patients as fast as possible. Some patients were harder than others as some were heavier or uncooperative,” Monger said.

After passing this unit, the class decided to take a trip to the University of Tennessee Knoxville College of Nursing campus. The class attended an introduction and training seminar to allow them to get acquainted with the nursing program. Students walked through the nursing simulation lab as they were introduced to their high-tech system. The campus includes an immersive room with life-like controlled dummies to mock real codes in the healthcare field.

Senior Haley Hall shares her thoughts on the places she saw on the trip.

“The lab was so interesting how they had put so much detail into each room. The dummies were so life-like in the room as they mocked human patients,” Hall said.

Students soon left the campus with many questions about nursing. The simulation raised interest in pursuing nursing as it was an interesting insight into the medical field.