New Starbucks drink!

A new drink has arrived at Starbucks; the toasted oat milk vanilla shaken espresso drink. The drink contains Starbucks brewed blonde espresso, oat milk or any other milk of your choice, and their toasted vanilla syrup. This drink has had a big hit on customers, some seem to love it and some seem not like it so much. People also seem to customize this drink to make it more of something they like. 

Senior, Suzanna Jay is a big fan of the drink; 

“ I really liked it. It is now in my favorite drink line up at Starbucks, it is not too sweet or too strong, it was just a really good mix,” Jay said. 

Others seem to personalize the drink like junior Mackenize Powell; 

“I prefer the drink as a frappe because I’m not a big fan of espresso,” Powell said. 

Senior Katy Roel gives her feedback on the new drink; “ It tastes like a marshmallow. I got it with the vanilla sweet cream cold foam,” said Roel. 

Sophomore Ava Halko states that; “it’s not that sweet and it’s definitely for a coffee lover,” said Halko. 

A Starbucks worker and Senior at LCHS; Anna Layer tells more about the popularity at her work place. “ I don’t know exactly when it came out but yesterday I worked and a lot of people are really curious about trying it because it’s vanilla but toasted. I tried it again yesterday and I liked it a lot more than the first time I tried it,” Layer said. 

Starbucks comes up with many drinks each year that many people try, so if you like espresso and vanilla go to your nearest Starbucks and see if this drink is for you!