5 stars for Tri-Star

5 stars for Tri-Star

Beau Fraker, Staff Writer

Tri-Star Energy & Nutrition is a new drink spot in Lenoir City. Tri-Star’s drinks are perfect for energy, hunger in the awkward hours of the day, and even for health. I tried three different types of drinks, including their loaded tea, meal replacement shake, and beauty drink.

The grape Jolly Rancher loaded tea is my personal favorite on the menu because of its sour flavor. There are a variety of other flavors that you can get to suit what you like. I had this drink a lot over the summer and one thing I noticed is that it gave me a lot of energy throughout the day when I was busy. One of the great things about this drink is that it manages to give you energy with low calories and no sugar. I would have to rate this drink a 10/10, because of its amazing flavor and the energy it gives you.

I have personally never liked meal replacement shakes until I tried Tri-Star’s vanilla wafer shake. Tri-Star’s shakes have a lot of flavor, unlike other meal replacement shakes. I would recommend this shake if you need something to hold you over before you’re about to eat. I would also recommend this drink after exercise because of the shake’s protein and calories. I would rate this shake a 9/10, because of the protein and convenience.

The last drink I tried was the Barbie beauty drink and this drink is pretty good. The beauty drinks are very similar to the loaded teas when it comes to taste but, the beauty drink serves a different purpose. The beauty drink is great for skin care because of the collagen in the drink. I would rate this a 10/10, due to the great taste of the drink and the benefits it has with drinking it.

I would recommend going to Tri-Star Energy & Nutrition to anybody that lives in Lenoir City. The workers are very nice and get you in and out quickly. They have a variety of drinks that have different benefits from each one. From the great service to the good drinks, Tri-Star Energy & Nutrition is overall an amazing drink spot.