Find Your Fall Favorite at La Michoacana

New weather calls for new items on the menu at the Michoacana! With the cold weather hitting so hard and fast, La Michoacana decided to add limited-time items to the menu. 

Owners, Haley Gonzalez and Noe Morales knew the thing most people crave during cold weather is hot chocolate or coffee. In true La Michoacana fashion, there will not be ordinary hot chocolate and coffee served to guests. 

“We know there are already many coffee shops around town and they are all very similar and we wanted to be a little different,” Morales said. 

The next big question Morales and Gonzalez came across was what could they add that tied to the Mexican culture the Michoacana holds. This question did not remain for long, as owners shortly discovered what makes their hot drinks even more special. 

“Since most of our items are more summer treats and snacks we decided to add hot Chocolate Abuelita to our menu. Our Chocolate Abuelita is exported all the way from Mexico, so we keep it traditional,” Gonzalez said.

Chocolate Abuelita is now served at the Michoacana, they even have a combo included! Chocolate Abuelita can be served with traditional Mexican pan dulce such as conchas, puerquitos, orejitas, and many more!

Not only did La Michoacana add delicious hot chocolate, but they also added a new ice cream flavor. It is a Mexican pastry called Gansito. A lot of people call it a Mexican Twinkie due to the similarities between the two. 

“Many people would ask us for Gansito ice cream since we already had the ice cream bar and it was very popular and we always give the clients what they want,” Gonzalez said. 

Make sure to go to the Michoacana in downtown Lenoir City and taste the Chocolate Abuelita with pan dulce and the Gansito ice cream.