Have Fun in Film Club!


Relaxing after school, watching movies with friends, and talking about the movies you have watched–these are all things that students involved in Film Club get to do. The new club takes place from 3:45 to 6:00 P.M. every two weeks.

This week’s movie was Labyrinth (1986); the film centers around a teenage girl trying to solve a labyrinth in time to rescue her baby brother from the goblin king, who was played by David Bowie. Bowie’s part in the movie was a favorite for Ash McCullough (11).

“I loved David Bowie’s first song, and his costume designs were pretty nice. They fit his personality,” McCullough said.

Students attending the club enjoyed the movie, but they also took time to discuss its shortcomings. Gauge Green (11) thought the movie was good but thought of the ending to be lackluster.

“I thought the movie was really interesting, it was unique and fun. The ending was a let-down, I could have gone without the weird party at the end,” Green said.

It wasn’t everyone’s first time seeing the movie, though. McCullough had seen Labyrinth in the past, but he had fun watching it with the group.

“I’ve watched [Labyrinth] before. It’s one of my favorite movies that is on the older side. I really enjoyed it a lot, especially seeing people’s reactions and hearing what people thought about it afterwards,” McCullough said.

McKenzie Powell (11) also liked watching Labyrinth with the club. She enjoyed being with other people that share her appreciation for movies.

“I’m really glad they have a club like this now because I’ve always been a big movie fan, so it’s nice to be with people who are the same,” Powell said.

Those who decided to participate in Film Club got to see a movie they may not have watched on their own, and they talked about what they liked and disliked about Labyrinth. The next meeting will be on March 7th where students will have the opportunity to watch and discuss the Maltese Falcon.