Hola festival


Jeremy Woody, Staff Writer

The Hola festival is held annually inside Market Square which lies in the heart of downtown Knoxville. At the festival, Spanish culture is celebrated as many booths are setup to educate people of the cultural diversity in countries such as Panama, Mexico, and Cuba.


Each year, the Spanish club attends to work their own booth and to experience everything from the food to dancing.


First time attender Hunter Sharpe (10) said, “It was a great first time. The food was so good (especially the tamales), and the dancing was so fun. Everyone was in a big group dancing to the band, not worrying about anything.”


Many great experiences came with trip, not only because of the festival itself, but because of the teachers that accompanied us.


“Our chaperons are so amazing. Mrs. Rios is so funny, and Mrs. Mousa is probably the best teacher i’ve ever had. I also enjoyed getting to meet some students from ESL”, said Sharpe.


The Hola festival will continue to be a tradition Spanish club keeps. The festival brings the students in Spanish club closer, which cannot be found in many other clubs.
Sharpe said, “ I had so much fun being with my friends and learning some more Spanish.”