NHS Welcomes New Officers

NHS Welcomes New Officers

As each school year comes to an end and seniors are sent off into their next step in life the National Honors Society senior officers must have students of the junior class replace their roles in the club. In the final days of March, NHS advisor, Ms. Casity, sent out a voting ballot for the members to decide who would be the right candidates for the role of president, vice president, secretary, historian, assistant historian, treasurer, parliamentarian, service project officer, and assistant service project officer.

Being a representative of this club is a very big opportunity, but also quite a large responsibility. Junior, Olivia Hapney, who has run for the position of an NHS officer, shares the importance of good candidates being chosen.

“NHS is a club for our honor students who are also outstanding individuals in the community and our officer team is a direct representation of the rest of the chapter. This means that we need to have a good reputation and be seen in a positive light in order to have a good reputation for the members of our chapter,” Hapney said.

Junior, Nancy Poisal was chosen to be the president of NHS and be the face of the club. While there are a lot of responsibilities Poisal will have to take on, she also feels excited to make her own decisions for the team.

“I just want everyone to feel more involved in the club and make it more appealing and fun to be in. Although, I guess you could say being able to cater everyone’s intrigue is a concern for me. Being responsible for everyone in general is kind of daunting,” Poisal said.

Current NHS Officers must come up with ways to train those who are taking their place in order for the aspirants to be able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Skye Subketkaew currently holds the title of president of NHS and is connecting with her successor, Nancy Poisal.

“The officers help their new officer counterparts, so for example, I’ll be helping Nancy. So far, we’ve been working together in getting ready and setting up for the NHS Senior Ceremony,” Subketkaew said.

The NHS Senior Ceremony will feature the new officers being sworn in to their positions and the members that are a part of the graduating class receiving their stoles. This event will be set on May 12th at 5:30 P.M in the Lenoir City High School auditorium.

Winners of the 2022 NHS Officer Election

President- Nancy Poisal

Vice President- Hadley Kembel

Secretary- Serena Nguyen

Treasurer- Emma Cubberley

Parliamentary- Brooke Ion

Historian- McKenzie Powell

Assistant Historian- McKenzie Wilhite

Service Projects Officer- Ashley Nolazco

Assistant Service Projects Officer- Olivia Hapney