The Burger – Reastraunt Review

Lenoir City, Tennessee within the last 5 years has been growing tremendously, causing new and efficient employment chains to steer their attention to Lenoir City. “The Burgers” off of 321 is known for its humongous burgers and home-style fries. As popularity has risen for “The Burgers,” people have wanted to know the general quality and opinions of other around Lenoir City.

“It was pretty good, they had a nice environment. The staff was friendly, and my food showed up very fast,” Pitarro said.

Although Sophia likes the food, the staff, and fast service, she shares what she thinks of the prices of the food.

“I love everything about it, I just think the food is a little overpriced. I just feel like it’s a nice-walk in dinner place–but it’s not fancy. Not the type of place you’d go to ‘dress to impress’–you know? But I think that’s a good thing. It was a good burger don’t get me wrong–those fried pickles are amazing! I really recommend you share them with your friends,” Pittarro said.

Getting the general opinion of students from Lenoir City High School is important, it’s important to hear the side of the staff at The Burgers. Brandi Russel, a shift manager at The Burgers, works 6 days a week, and it doesn’t bother her one bit.

“Working at The Burgers has been a very comfortable experience, and something I’ve enjoyed doing since being a part of the franchise,” Russel said.

Many of the customers come for the burgers and the music.

“The best selling item, by far, is the burger of course. One of my favorite things is listening to the bands play on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday while I serve. They’re some very talented musicians,” Russel said.

 The Burgers can get very busy. 

“Some of the busiest days of the week are the weekends, but you wouldn’t expect it to be during lunch hours. We have a 50% employee discount on the job, military  discounts, and veterans discounts. We take pride in our workers, soldiers, and veterans,” Russel said. 

Overall, The Burgers In Lenoir City is a nice, fast-serving and home-styled feel franchise. The address to The Burgers is 6542, 540 US-321, Lenoir City, TN 3777. It is open 7 days a week, with wonderful service and nice staff members. It might be a little pricey to some, but there’s no denying the amazing food. If you need to contact them, their number is 865-816-6900. Go stop by The Burgers in Lenoir City today and try their amazing, home-styled food!