‘Stranger Things’ Review


Netflix’s “Stranger Things” poster.

“Strangers Things” is a show on Netflix that gives their fans retro aesthetics and dark government conspiracy theories. Aside from the outdated technology, which consequently add to the the retro aesthetics, the show is enjoyable and appeals to just about anyone watching it.

We follow twelve-year-old kids trying to find out what happened to their friend, who went missing, and why this scientific phenomenon (a telekinetic girl) found them on one of their searches. Then things start to get stranger.


What I love about this show is the music and the concept of it. The music is absolutely incredible and throws me back to when my parents were listening to the music of their eras. It sets the mood for a thrilling and psychotic adventure. The concept is mindblowing and leads you into your imagination.


The characters take on old archetypes but in different situations. Such as Mike and his friends, who all sit in a basement and play Dungeons and Dragons for hours on end and still manage to get beat up by bullies. However, when their friend goes missing, they are looking everywhere for him, and even take in a lonely girl they find while searching the woods.


Mike’s sister is a teenager, and a lot of teenagers want to fit in. So, it’s relatable to want what she wants. It’s also satisfying that she wants to be treated as an adult, yet, her surroundings and what she perceives is true are contrasting this want.


In addition to the extravagant use of characters, ‘groovy’ music, and amazing concept of the dark depths of reality, Winona Ryder is part of the cast. She plays the missing boy’s mother. With every movie Ryder acts in, she creates a mood and like “Beetlejuice”, “Heathers”, and “The Crucible”, the mood she creates is a mysterious and often eerie one.
I absolutely enjoyed “Stranger Things”. If you enjoy a good creepy plot and misunderstood kids that end up being right, you should check it out. But warning the language can get strong at some points and there are a lot of flashing lights.

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