Let it go Gatsby, this is Prom

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Currently, Prom is in its early stages of development.  Recently, in Prom committee, we have discussed various themes that the seniors could vote on.  We have also set a prom date,  but it has yet to be officially released– ticket sale dates have also yet to be determined. Basically everything except the themes are up in the air as of now.  After the prom committee meeting, which will be held at 3:30 on Thursday the 15th, we will know a bit more about the specific details regarding tickets, voting, and a final theme.

However, though set dates and various small surprises are not yet determined, the three themes to be voted on by seniors has been chosen.  The current themes are:  Classique Magnifique, High Society, and Frozen in Time.

Classique magnifique mirrors the back porch of the famed Jay Gatsby’s home from the “Great Gatsby’s.  With a backdrop of a towering staircase, and silhouettes of classic 1910’s era ballroom dancers, and a colour scheme of silver, black and dark blue, it adds a uptown feel to the soon-to-be prom. This theme is by far the best pick of all three themes because of its colour scheme and its subtle touches– some subtle touches included in this theme consists of a chandelier (not cardboard), white LED light strands, and a supposively functional fountain. With the venue being the same as last year’s, the Maryville theatre, this theme fits better than all the others.  The older vintage feel of the theatre are better pronounced by a more vintage-esque theme.

The second chosen theme that the seniors will be voting on is a High Society theme.  This theme sounds good in theory, but its colour palette is mainly white with dashes of blue and banana yellow as the lighting accents.  Though this theme is attempting to project the feeling of an up-scale millionaire’s homethrown soiree, it does not fully achieve this, in my opinion.  With clashing colours of blue and banana yellow (unless they were your school colours), this theme is more along the lines of awkward and gaudy. If the colors were not enough, the excessive amount of tulle makes it look like the performers of Swan Lake designed this theme; but the tacky cardboard-esque chandeliers take this theme to a new level of “no.”  I am not a fan of the next theme, but High Society is all in all the worse choice for this year’s prom.

Lastly, the final theme of the night is “Frozen in Time,” and yes, it is exactly what you comes complete with an all icy blue colour pallette.  With frozen icicles dangling from above and think it is, a rendition of the famed Disney cartoon movie, Frozen.  But it gets better–  this  theme jutting out from below your sparkle studded heels, this theme is not only obnoxious, but an eyesore.  When Elsa said to “Let it Go,” then we really should have.  This theme would have Ana and Olaf cringing with nary a nice word to utter.  I am sure that there may be some way that these decorations could possibly be altered and tweaked to make an okay decor, but overall, the number of people that would be going to prom, would probably be annoyed by this theme.