Student Spotlight: The “Cheese” Tackle

Caden Jay (9) known by many as Cheese.
Caden Jay (9) known by many as “Cheese”.
River Rivera

Have you ever wondered how someone could end up with a nickname like “Cheese”? Well, it turns out that there can be many different reasons behind a nickname. Whether it’s a characteristic trait, a favorite food, or a funny incident, there’s usually a story behind every nickname. Caden Jay (9) got this nickname because of his photo shots at a football game.

Jay got his nickname when his coach noticed him smiling at the camera while tackling someone.

“I got the name Cheese when I was about six years old. I went and tackled someone and started smiling after I tackled. My Coach said, ‘[You’re] cheesing like in a picture,’” Jay said.

Jay, who has been playing football at a young age, plans to continue the athletic program with his teammates.

“I’ve been playing football ever since I was probably five or six, pretty much my whole life and I will continue playing here. I love the culture, my friends, and my teammates,” Jay said.

Jay, who tackles hard despite his small size, doesn’t care what others think about his smile.

“ I’m little and I hit people hard. [Each time I tackle,] I don’t know what’s going on in their head but I know some people get mad [when I smile.] I don’t really care though,” Jay said.

In the end, nicknames can be fun and enjoyable. Jay, for example, earned his nickname for smiling after a tackle, which has become a title he is proud of. Funny incidents like this one can be one of the titles a person can be honored with, but be respectful while referring to others with nicknames.

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