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Roane State campus in Lenoir City
Roane State campus in Lenoir City
Kyra Grason

Dual Enrollment is a program where a student with a 3.0 GPA or higher, is able to take a college-level class. The credit translates into college and Roane State is one of the many colleges that offers Dual Enrollment. Roane State has several different college-level classes available to LCHS students; Comp 1 English is one of those accessible classes. Kyra Grason (11) is currently in the process of taking Comp 1 for Roane State and shares her reasons for taking the class.

“I’m taking Dual Enrollment to help me get a headstart in college. If I can get some of my college credits out of my way, it will make things a lot easier,” Grason said.

Roane State offers these classes either on Lenoir City’s campus or an off-site Roane State building.

“I like the fact that my class, in particular, is off campus, it’s new and exciting,” Grason said.

Upcoming juniors often question how they will decide between choosing Comp 1 English or AP English. 

“I would definitely recommend [Dual Enrollment] to other students, it’s a big step regarding their future,” Grason said.

Comp 1 is not an easy class by any means. Grason shares her experience with this English class including all of its difficult facets.

“I would have to say the hardest part about this class is the time management aspect of it. There is a whole new way of turning assignments in, different due dates, and different projects I have to keep up with,” Grason said.

Demanding classes are always challenging but they are often the ones that include the best teaching. Taking tough classes helps the mind grow and learn new and advanced ways of education.

“I believe my writing has improved within the first couple weeks of taking this class. It’s one of the most advanced courses that was offered to me as a junior,” Grason said.

A high school is a region where education and learning take place. Taking a college-level class in high school provides more advanced education at a faster rate.

“One thing I have learned is how to correctly write in specific formats; it’s something I have struggled with in the past,” Grason said.

After Comp 1, students have the option to take AP Lit, Comp 2, CP English 12, and Dual Enrollment English.

“I do believe I will continue on to Comp 2 during my senior year. It’s a college credit after all,” Grason said.

Roane State is a great way to encourage and aid students in their road to College. By taking available college-level classes in high school, students are allowed to increase their skills and equip themselves for higher education.

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