Texas Mask Mandate is Lifted

Ell Chapman

As Covid-19 has made an impression on us it has been a wild year. The coronavirus pandemic is estimated to end in 2024, we have made a lot of progress with the vaccines soon vaccines are going to be open to all people 16 and older, but with the progress are some states taking it too fast? The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, announced on March 2nd that he was going to lift the mask mandate. A week later, businesses of all types were allowed to open to 100% capacity. One of the students here at Lenoir City High School, Susana Gonzales, explains how she feels about this.

  Gonzales explains, ”I think it’s going to affect the population a bit. The Texas governor is really foolish for thinking that he should lift the mask mandate. There are literally thousands of people dying because of people that refuse to wear a mask. I don’t understand why they can’t wait.”

Although cases are starting to go down this choice that the governor has made may make the progress we’ve already made all go down the drain. It is very important to think about these kinds of things before making a decision that potentially messes things up for the whole country.