Winter Fashion


BRRRRRRR! it’s finally winter! If you’re a fashion forward person, you should always make sure your look is up to date and on point.


Layers layers layers! To start off, most men make sure to have an undershirt made out of cotton so it’s breathable and comfortable. After the undershirt you need to always check the weather, so you know whether to wear a lightweight cotton sweater or a thick and toasty wool sweater. If sweaters are not your thing, sweatshirts are very in style this year and you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Jackets are a very crucial part of your look. If the color is wrong or the materials don’t match it makes you look super sloppy so always remember to coordinate.


Bottoms are not very hard to choose between, just don’t be that one person with shorts on in the dead middle of winter. Jeans, khakis, slacks they are all good just like with jackets remember to coordinate. Today most bottoms go with anything, like jeans are made to a super high quality and look nice with just about anything.


The right pair of shoes and socks can be the difference of you feet freezing off and sweating all day. Socks typically matched to shirts now days, but don’t make a super big statement by wearing neon socks with black shoes. Boots are always a must for winter they support your feet, warm, and rugged so you don’t slip and fall on ice. Any shoes are perfectly fine, but boots are probably more appropriate.


With this information your look will always be on point for this winter season. Just don’t forget to layer, if you’re too cold you can add and if you’re too hot you can remove a layer.