Christmas Fashion


It’s Christmas day and you don’t know what to wear, whatever shall you do? Well, follow this guide and you will be on your way to shining brighter than the star atop the tree.


We all have that one relative that must take the family picture that no one is ever prepared for, but YOU will be this year. First off let’s talk color, during the holiday season you need to stay away from wearing green. In some cases a green colored anything makes you look washed out. Red is always acceptable, but is very cliche and a lot of people will be wearing it. Black is too dark for this happy time of year, but lighter shades are perfectly fine. Just about all other colors will be great to wear, but just make sure your outfit is coordinated.


Now to your top. More than likely it will be pretty cold outside, but it can get very warm inside so layers are the way to go. You can remove a layer if you get too hot or add a layer if you get too cold. Flannels are very “in” this year, but so are thick knit sweaters. If you go the flannel route, make sure that your under shirt matches at least one color of your flannel. Sweaters are great, but some can become uncomfortable on this skin depending on the material. Wearing a long sleeve is a great idea.


Jeans are a wonderful invention and can be perfect with most any sweater or flannel. Jeans come in all shapes and sizes, but just make sure they fit you in the waist and are the correct length. Many companies sell a “winter jean”–which means the inside of the jeans are lined so you stay nice and toasty.  


Boots are perfect for this time of year and go with just about anything. To make sure you keep your feet warm you can get fur lined boots which are very comfortable and warm. Your socks need to always be comfortable on you and match some aspect of your outfit.


Jackets are made to keep you warm, but in today’s world the need to be warm and look amazing. To make sure your jacket looks great with the other parts of your outfit, try to coordinate material and color.
Accessories can either make or break your outfit, so always make sure things match and look great. With all this you should be able to keep your look on point and show everyone up in those Christmas photos!