Men’s Fall Fashion

Ahh… it’s finally fall, time for slacks and sweaters.


Pretty much before the 20th century men’s fashion did not exist, but in today’s world fashion is a high priority for men and women.


Not so much in the south east, but for the people in the north and the west you better be up to date with all your looks or you will be subjected to complete and utter dismay.


First on the agenda we will talk about the top half of your body.


Always always make sure you have the new and trendy haircuts that work for your face. The quiff is the most popular this year, but be careful your face has to be the right shape and there are many different versions of the classic quiff.


Now onto your shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc… First to make your look pop (!)  you should go to a professional and get them to figure out what colors look best on you so you don’t buy the wrong color and look washed out or overly dramatic.


After you know your colors you need to research the trending styles for each year, sweaters are always a must whether it’s a pullover or a cardigan. If you choose the sweater route you need to have a matching shirt or at least make sure it matches some part of your look. You may not always wear one, but jackets are a good accessory to your look. The right jacket can either make or break it for you. They come in all different fabrics and styles you just need to find what is right for you and never wear a jacket that is too big or too small for your body.


Second is the bottom half of your body, like your slacks, shoes, and socks. Slacks or jeans is the big question. If you go for a more classic look any slacks or dark wash jeans will work with the right shoes.


Boots are a must or just a very classic shoe. In darker colors remember fall is not very vivid or bright.


Remember to make sure the shoes are comfortable. You don’t want to buy something because it looks great but does not fit or is uncomfortable.


Your belt should always match your shoes in color or material, and make sure to make all of your accessories the same finish as your belt buckle if you want to have a uniform look. Now onto socks, socks are very important as most men know when you sit down your pants come above or ankles and you see socks or skin. If your socks are the wrong color or pattern it will be a disaster. You need to coordinate them with another piece of your outfit.


Hopefully with all this information the men who read this will be super trendy and look great!