April Fools’ Day


April Fools!

April 1st is the time to unleash your devious and diabolical, yet playful side. It’s a day where various creative pranks are attempted and explored, or in other words, April Fools’ Day. This holiday is celebrated every year on April 1st to create lively and hilarious scenarios. It’s a global internet phenomenon with millions of videos showcasing various pranks ranging from harmless jokes to dangerous stunts.

It’s not exactly known where April Fools originated from, but it’s believed that the Julian calendar by Julian Ceaser played a significant role in creating the holiday. Nowadays, we use the Gregorian calendar by Pope Gregory the 8th, which starts off the new year every January 1st. Though, before 1592, the world originally used the Julian calendar where it was believed every new year started on April 1st. It took some time for people to get used to this change, so those who couldn’t progress with the world were considered fools.

Another idea of how it originated was through the 1392 book, “The Canterbury Tales,” by Geoffrey Chaucer. The interpretation and meaning of the book remain a mystery today. For example, one line says “March 32” without much context afterward, which supports multiple beliefs that the book was a joke or a misprint.

Despite the mystery of the origin of April Fools, it has brought centuries of laughter and enjoyment for millions of people around the world. Celebrate this holiday with whatever pranks come to mind. It can be anything from mind games, and scare tactics, to prank calls.

Here’s how some LCHS students prank on April Fools’ Day:

  • “I like to prank call my mom,” said Tricia Henley (11).
  • “As a former April Fools prankster, I’ve developed the best pranks over the evolving years. These pranks are prank calls, jumpscares, fake news, etc. Therefore, April Fools is a great time to bring in your most devious pranks to your friends and family,” said Rebecca Herera (11).