National Girl Scout Day



It’s that time of the year again! National Girl Scout Day is approaching, so beware of the millions of Girl Scouts who will be trying to sell you their delicious assortment of cookies, whether that’s Thin Mints or their new Adventurefuls. The popularity of these cookies is what gave them their own national holiday on March 12.

It commemorates the first girl scout meeting organized by Juliette “Dasiy” Gordon Low back in 1912. The organization was originally known as Girl Guides to America and only had 18 members in the first troop. They organized various programs, projects, and activities that helped the community around them.

After many years of active work, Girl Scouts has grown to over 3.7 million members. These hardworking scouts have shaped into engaging and caring individuals, while also improving the society around them. Through the use of their annual cookie fundraiser, Girl Scouts can participate in multiple activities involving the community and themselves.

Here are some of our fellow LCHS student’s favorite girl scout cookies:

  • “My favorite girl scout cookies are the Samoas, I definitely recommend you buy these because there scrumptious!” – Rebecca Herrera Montes
  • “I really like their Tagalong cookies.” – Tricia Henley

Celebrate March 12 and support the oncoming fundraiser by purchasing as many cookies as you desire. As said by Girl Scouts, “Do a good turn daily,” meaning you can make difference in small and big ways.