Olympic Unification


Cody Vineyard, Staff writer

One thing many people look forward to is the Olympics. This time, it’s the Winter Olympics. The Olympics are held in different cities around the world. This time, the Winter Olympics are being held in PyeongChang, South Korea. Surprisingly, North Korea is being allowed to participate in the Winter Olympics.

The opening ceremony was a huge deal because North Korean participants marched alongside South Korean ones. This had a lot of people in shock, but a good kind of shock. Many people were happy that they had done this. Meagan Smith (11) told me what she thought about the two countries marching together.

“I was surprised that North and South Korea marched together, because of the hostility between the two states. I think it was a good move for them to march together, because it shows that change is coming, whether it is bad or good,” said Smith.

She thinks that it was a good move and many other people do too. When North Korea and South Korea did this, many thought that this was a good sign. For two countries, especially when there is tension between the two, to come together and march in peace was an extraordinary experience. Smith shared this sentiment.

“I believe that the event showed them coming together with peace. It was a monumental moment in history. It is up to the two states to create peace forever, not just for the Olympics,” said Smith.
Even though these two countries are different in their ideals, for once they came together in unity. Since they did it once, maybe they will come together again in peace and be unified as one, even if just in a moment.