Meet Sophia: The New Non-Human Saudi Arabian Citizen.

Photo credits: Wikimedia

Photo credits: Wikimedia

Isidro Cintora-Huichapa, Writer

   Our generation has become more advanced during the past few years, and we as a society have gotten to the point in which we have the necessity to produce artificial intelligence for our benefit. A good example of this is one of the most successful projects of the Hanson Robotics, Sophia. Sophia is a robot that imitates the human reactions, is able to make facial expressions, and, most impressively, have normal conversations with people. In the future, Sophia could help kids and elderly people.

   Sophia was activated on April 19, 2015 in Hong Kong. Sophia was designed by Hanson Robotics, and was created with artificial intelligence. Her only purpose is to help people and make connections with humans and do usual things humans can do. Sophia has also been interviewed. While some of her responses were just not logical, others were very impressive. David Hanson, one of the main creators of Sophia, hopes Sophia can easily interact with other humans and gain social skills in the future.

   On October 25, Sophia became the first non-human to become a Saudi Arabian citizen. This caused a lot of controversy from the media in general about whether it was wrong or right to give the citizenship to a robot. Jennifer Yaguas Saucedo thinks that it was a wrong decision because a robot might do all of these incredible things, but behind that there is a human controlling it.

   “I think the government made a wrong decision because a robot can’t think or make decisions by itself and there are other people who want to contribute to the country that can’t get their citizenship sometimes because of ridiculous reasons,” said Yaguas Saucedo.

   In the future, we might have to accept robots and let them help make our lives easier. We also would have to understand that having robots, at some point, will be a normal thing.