Isabella Lockett, Staff Writer

     The time is coming up guys! It’s time for Madrigal. This year, as for many years in the past, the LCHS Singers (chamber choir), put on a performance. Many students don’t actually know what madrigal is. A madrigal is a vocal music performance of the Renaissance and early Baroque eras. Traditionally, polyphonic madrigals are not accompanied by any instrument. The number of people singing  varies from two to eight, and more traditionally from three to six.

     This year’s madrigal is called “To Play or Replay, That is Out of the Question,” and will consist of Dalton Smith playing the Jester, Larkin Moats playing the King, Ashton Rogers playing the Queen, Gibson Collet as Olivier, Caden Clark playing William, and Ameilya Hulsey as Gottfried. This year it will be held on November 28 at First Baptist church of Lenoir City.

     The Singers cannot wait for this performance, they are practicing at least every other day. For the singers the excitement starts way before the tickets even come out. Larkin Moats (10) is performing in it for the first time this year. Although, this is his first time performing in it he has been in it before and has seen a few times.

     “Yes [I’ve been in the performance before], I carried the bore’s head my freshman year,” says Moats.

     This is his first time performing in it; he is pretty excited.

     “It is so much fun. You fake a British accent and joke around,” says Moats.

     If you are one who enjoys some good music and a fun performance, then this is just for you. Make sure to be early when you buy your ticket and get a good seat so that you may have one of the best experiences at the Singers’ Madrigal.