Trump the Policies

Trump at his own rally, talking to an audience of constituents.

Trump at his own rally, talking to an audience of constituents.

Charlie Finger, staff writer

Donald Trump has made and will make several policies that change the daily lives of millions. In his first 100 day plan, Trump said that he would like to limit the number of terms for those in Congress, reduce the federal workforce, make new federal regulations that will eliminate two existing federal regulations, not allowing former White House and Congress officials to become lobbyists for five years after their leave, renegotiate NAFTA (North American Free Trade Amendment) terms, withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and many others–which you can find and read on the NPR Website.


Recently, Trump has put a temporary travel ban to try to prevent immigrants from those of Muslim relation from entering the United States. The judiciary and legislative branches have been arguing whether or not this will be administered.

“The ban is a mess and unconstitutional. This country was built from immigrants,” said Amanda Strausser (11). The reinstatement of the ban has been rejected.


Trump has begun to disassemble and replace Obamacare. For the next few weeks–with the exception of any time used for more important and urgent matters– Congress and he will see to the repealment of it.


There is sure to be more policies and decisions made by Trump in the wake of North Korean missile launch (read CNN). All we can do is wait and see how the new president will react to the events thrown at the United States and the world.


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