Families and Flooding


Riley Childress, staff writer

Few know what it feels like to go through a natural disaster. Autumn Hynes (10) does, as do many citizens living in the Louisiana and the lower Mississippi area. People close to the disaster know the feeling of the storm bearing down on them because of the powerful flood they are experiencing right now. The flooding is the country’s ‘worst natural disaster’ since hurricane Sandy, Red Cross says. In areas being affected, people have had to evacuate their homes and head for cover in shelters. This is because the waters have reached above their houses.

For Autumn Hynes, this is not the worst she has dealt with. At an early age Hynes went through one of the worst natural disasters this nation has ever seen: Hurricane Katrina. Katrina forced Hynes’ family to flee Jackson, Mississippi and migrate to Tennessee. 

At the moment, Hynes’ relatives are being deeply affected by the flood waters. With the storm beating down on them and the water rising, they have had to evacuate their homes in the face of danger. “Picking up the pieces and helping others.” Hynes states, is what they are working toward at the moment. The family is staying positive and hopeful in these tough times. “They are really active in their local church and by helping others, is how they stay positive,” says Hynes. She is extremely close to her family, and they are planning on a trip to Jackson Mississippi on labor day. We wish them the best; our thoughts and prayers go out to them.