The Electoral Wave


Collage By: Kayli Martin & Haley Vandergriff

Ben Carson (R), Donald Trump (R), Hillary Clinton (D), and Bernie Sanders (D); the four main candidates for the upcoming election.

With the elections for the future president next year, many have begun focusing on specific men and women who are in the fore-front of their parties and diving into what they have done and what they will do if they become the face of the nation.


For the Democratic party an obvious face that comes to mind is former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton has plans ranging from the economy to stopping sexual assault on college campuses.


One big aspect is, of course, Clinton’s desire to give women more rights by closing the age gap between men and women, and plans to stand up against the defunding of Planned Parenthood.One issue many Americans citizens are still hesitant about concerning Clinton is the email scandal, where many of Clinton’s classified e-mails were leaked out.


Since then many Americans are now skeptical of Clinton. One student at Lenoir City High School– who wishes to remain anonymous– also feels the same. “If she can’t come out about the other stuff, how can we trust her?” said the student.. Even though she is still high in the popular polls right now, another candidate is quickly gaining speed.


Democrat Bernie Sanders is currently serving his second term in the senate, and jumping the democratic polls. Sanders plans on working on some the issues Clinton does, but also to make college debt-free and to focus on real family values.


For the republican party this year, a celebrity is running. This celebrity is a multi-millionaire named Donald Trump who is famous for his work on the apprentice. The anonymous student here plans on voting for Trump, come elections in November next year. “I’m for Trump; if he can run a multi-millionaire business he can run a country,” the student said.


Trump plans on guaranteeing the second amendment, on American’s right to bare arms. He also plans on securing the nation’s borders along the United States-Mexico border.While Trump was popular at the beginning, fellow republican Ben Carson, is only a few points behind.


Ben Carson is a former neurosurgeon from Michigan. Carson wants to stand by Israel, address the looming threat of Russia, work on getting a better budget plan, and also to keep the Christian faith in American society.


Of course there are other candidates in the parties, such as Jeb Bush in the Republican party, but they don’t loom as large as these candidates as of now.


What do you feel about the candidates? No matter your political party, we all must agree that our future leader must have a clear idea for our country–with an equally clear idea for the American people.


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