Hard Fought, Hard Won


Number 22 on the Varsity Girls soccer team, Raven Andrews is working hard to keep up with and get the ball from the other team.

Ryley Schuster

On Thursday, September 3rd, the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team played against the William Blount High School team. Lenoir City pulled through with a final score of two to one, securing another victory for the team. This was not an easy victory.


“It was intense,” said LCHS Senior Haley Brown.


The Girls team, just like with Loudon’s team, has never lost to William Blount. The pressure was on this game to keep the streak going, and likely the other team was feeling the pressure to beat Lenoir City. During the game things got heated and Sophomore Shannon Hazel was injured.


“The Player [that took her out] was playing aggressively the whole game, and she came through on a cheap tackle and took out [Hazel’s] knee,” explained Brown.


Thankfully the injury wasn’t too bad and Hazel will be back just in time for the team’s tournament in Nashville on Thursday. Accidents like this one are scary when they do happen, however they don’t happen that often.


“Sometimes it’s a freak thing, but sometimes the other team just gets really aggressive and commits a lot of uncalled for fouls that lead to injuries,” says Brown.


This particular game was a harder fight than originally anticipated by the girls.


“I don’t feel like we played to the best of our ability,” remarks Brown, “I feel like it was a more tooth and nail game than intended because we just weren’t working well together that day.”


Despite the injury and the fierce fight put up by William Blount, Lenoir City won two to nothing.