“The Albatross” by Foxing, Album Review


The cover art for Foxing’s album, The Albatross.

Foxing is an American band that originated in St. Louis, Missouri.


Foxing is classified as a mostly post rock group. They are currently signed to Triple Crown Records and had started a tour in Europe as a five piece band.


The Albatross was released on November 12, 2013, and was their second official studio album.  The album contained ten different tracks that were all post rock with elements of band instruments, such as flute, violin, cello, trombone, trumpet, and saxophone.


The album, The Albatross, in its entirety was one of the best albums I’ve listened to mainly because the passion of Connor Murphy’s voice and the harmony of the instruments worked together so well, neither drowning out the other.


Surprisingly, it also manages to have substance lyrically, as much of the weight of the thought provoking stories were carried by the melodies.


When it came strictly to sound, Connor Murphy’s voice had a certain element of roughness and rawness that’s so rarely seen in the music industry any more.


By far my favourite track from The Albatross was Inuit and it is the second track on the album.


I also recommend listening to Bloodhound and The Medic. If you’re not looking to listen to a whole album, but want some new music for your playlist, those three songs are my favourite of the album.
The Albatross is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to production, sound, and lyrics. It was full of emotion and edited perfectly as to bring out the album’s personality.


Connor Murphy performing Inuit live for Youtube channel, Audiotreetv.
Connor Murphy performing Inuit live for YouTube channel, Audiotreetv.