Time Hop Music Du Jour (10/1)

October 1


1973 The Simon Park Orchestra’s “Eye Level,” the theme for the show “Van der Valk” became the first Television theme to hit no. 1 in the UK.





1977 Elton John became the first musical artist to be added to the  New York City’s Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame.





1977 Meco, known for creating groovy disco remixes of anthemic sci-fi/fantasy themes such as “Close Encounters” and “Wizard of Oz,” starts a two week run at number 1 in the U.S. with their far out rendition of “Star Wars Theme.”





1982 John Mellencamp dominates both the album and singles chart with the album “American Fool” and single “Jack and Diane.”




1988 Bon Jovi scores his first number 1 album in the UK with “New Jersey.”




Feliz Cumpleaños!


1935 Today we celebrate the birthday of the beautifully talented singer and actress Julie Andrews. At 79, she continues to enchant us with her talents and disposition.  Andrews has brought us endearing characters that live on eternally and fill our hearts with “The Sound of Music.”   Her elegant presence on the screen is only enhanced by her whimsical nature and tender spirit.  So take some time and enjoy the splendor of the world as Mary Poppins or Maria von Trapp would, and don’t forget to feed the birds.

Mary Poppins



The Hills are Alive



1958 Happy Birthday to Martin Cooper, keyboardist and saxophone player for “Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.”